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We started NORTH STAR GRAPHICS & PROMOTIONS  in 2008 and are based in Denver, Colorado. Even as the economy took a downturn, we decided that we wanted to fulfill our dream of having our own design and ad agency. After working at agencies and doing sales and design for many years in the corporate world, we were well-versed in what it took to be successful as a business and help our clients succeed.


We work with large and small businesses and non-profits all over the country on a variety of projects, including logo design, magazine layout, ad design, ad placement, digital presence, social media management, and marketing consultancy.






Design and social media are my passion...


I grew up in an enterprising family, and therefore running a business is second nature to me. As a natural leader with excellent organizational skills, I manage to juggle all the things I love!


I love seeing things materialize in print. The web is fantastic (I mean, look at this great website I built), but nothing is more thrilling than creating a product you can hold. I look forward to working with you and showing you how exciting it can be to make your ideas come to life! I also love social media, and I know how to create engaging posts that will help your business thrive. 

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Ideas and marketing are my forte...

I'm the idea guy. I'm the one who comes up with the great idea about how to set your company forth on the sea of success. My mission statement...


I assist my clients by helping them position their products in their niche markets and help design their advertising to achieve desired results. My goal is to help companies, large and small, find their way through the adjective jungle to a clear, concise message, which will ultimately help them sell their products and services.  My specialty is Branding and Identity Marketing for small companies looking to build awareness in their target markets.


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